Hin ta Hin Yai

Rocks With Strange Legend Pledges



Hin ta Hin Yai is located at Lamai Beach. When we walked through the front of the store we will find a wide rocky beach. If we look to the right, the "Grandfather Rock" or Hin Ta, we will see a large granite eroded by the sea breeze that look like a penis on the skyward. To the left is "Grandmother Rock" or Hin Yai, a huge granite boulders. It look like a woman's body(sexual organ) from the waist down sleep extends into the sea. A local legend saying that long time ago there was a couple of grandparents whos go to ask Mong Lai's dauther for his son. They transport by ship and accidentaully the ship sailed out when the ship arrived at Laem Lamai because of big storm. Dowry provided by drowning as a gift for the bride are lost in the sea. Grandfather and grandmother were swept into the sea at Lamai Beach. They very much fear that Mong Lai would think they are not keep their words. So they pray together that if they die, their body could appear as a bif symbol. For everyone especlly Mong Lai to see that they already came, then they jump into the sea and from that day Hin ta Hin Yai represent their sincere and honest.


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06.00 – 19.00
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92 84310 126/92 Moo 3 Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310
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